Small consumption connections are read through the EDSN (Energie Data Services Nederland).

Authorization #

Reading out requires digital authorization from the owner and/or user of the connection.

Meter number #

Through the meter number, Meter Management verifies the authenticity of the connection. The meter number is located on the smart meters, under the barcode.

Units #

Electricity is offered as consumption in quarter-hourly values.

Gas is offered as consumption in hourly values.

Historical consumption #

The historical consumption of a retail connection is made available by the EDSN as follows:

  • The last 10 days in quarter consumption.
  • The last 40 days in daily consumption.
  • The last 13 months in monthly consumption.

Meter management retrieves it from the EDSN from the moment ID verification is successful. The data is then synchronized into quarter data in the JSON feed of the connection.

For example, a 13-day daily consumption of 150 kWh in the past is offered as 96 equal data points of 1.5625 kWh.