Meterbeheer WordPress Plugin

The free WordPress plugin is available especially for the Meterbeheer HUB feeds. With this plugin, the energy consumption of a smart meter, charging station or solar panel can easily be displayed on a website via a Meterbeheer HUB feed.

The plugin is available for free.

Examples of the Meter Management WordPress plugin

Electricity usage

Meterbeheer HQ

01 juli 2022
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Example 1 – energy data from a smart meter

Yield solarpanels

Meterbeheer HQ

01 juli 2022
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Example 2 – yield of solar panels

Charging station usage

Meterbeheer HQ

01 juli 2022
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Example 3 – consumption of charging stations

How does it work?

Easily integrate energy data on a website? Register a meter at Meterbeheer HUB and use the free Meterbeheer WordPress plugin.

Register a meter.

Meter management retrieves the energy data.

Receive the energy data as feed in a JSON url.

Request a Meter Management HUB feed

Measurement service

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