Access to all energy data via Meterbeheer


Meterbeheer connects your platform to all smart meters, solar panels and charging stations in the Netherlands. With one data point you have access to all energy data.

What is Meterbeheer?

Meterbeheer’s platform is a data hub for energy data. With Meterbeheer, you can access data from small-use meters, large-use meters and solar panel systems with just one efficient API connection.

Small consumption meters

Link small-consumption smart meters easily and quickly with Digital Authorization.

Large consumption meters

Link large consumption smart meters of the different Measurement Services.

Solar panel systems

Read the measurement data from the different systems for solar panels.

Meterbeheer as a PES alternative.

The reading of smart meters for small consumption connections requires ODA certification from the EDSN. This requires a high investment in time and resources which is not interesting for every company.

As a data hub, Metereheer’s platform is an alternative to this certification. Meterbeheer maintains the certification, data management and annual comprehensive (and costly) audit.

Meterbeheer provides you with the desired measurement data quickly and easily without the high investments. This makes Meterbeheer a good alternative to PES certification, even for large numbers of meters (10,000 or more).

The benefits of Meterbeheer

Low investment costs

Low cost per meter

No audit


Measurement data is readily available

Automated notifications

How does Meterbeheer work?

Step 1

Register connection

Register a meter via the dashboard or directly on the API.

Step 2

Meterbeheer connects

Meterbeheer connects to the metering service and retrieves the metering data.

Step 3

API link

Meterbeheer generates the unique API link for you to retrieve the measurement data.

Demo feed

Curious about Meterbeheer in practice? Request an account and get started right away.

The demo feed and API manual are available for free and without obligation via the Meterbeheer Dashboard.

Who is Meterbeheer for?

Meterbeheer integrates energy data from smart meters, solar panels and charging stations. Save development costs and maintenance for realizing all the different APIs of the energy systems. Meterbeheer provides access to all data with a single link.

Energy management platforms

With Meterbeheer, your energy management platform has access to all the data from your customers’ connections without having to invest directly in developing and maintaining the links to metering services, solar panel system and charging station systems.

Property management platforms

The users of the property management platform gain direct insight into the daily energy consumption and generation of each building in the portfolio. Meterbeheer retrieves all measurement data every night from the various metering services and processes it as one dataset for the property management platform.

Narrowcasting platforms

Through the Meterbeheer API, the energy consumption and generation of a building’s solar panels is displayed on the information screen. With Meterbeheer, the data from the various metering services and solar panel systems can be implemented into the digital signage platform with one step.

Meterbeheer in practice

The desire is to include the energy consumption of a property portfolio in an energy dashboard. The wallet contains:

  • Homes with a small consumption of smart meters
  • Commercial buildings with 3 different large-scale consumption metering services.
  • charging stations.

To connect the entire portfolio, five different API links need to be developed and maintained. Five data sets with different data structure of measurement data are derived from these connections.

With Meterbeheer, this is one simple link and one dataset. Thousands of euros in development costs, maintenance and time are saved.


Data synchronization

Dozens of APIs, dozens of different data standards. Meterbeheer HUB synchronizes all incoming measurement data to one standard set.

Readily available

No lengthy registration procedures. At Meterbeheer HUB, all APIs are readily available for you to retrieve measurement data.

Simple API

With Meterbeheer HUB, one API link is enough to connect all smart meters to your platform.

Low investment costs

No high investment costs to link different APIs. With one link, all smart meters are available to your customers.


Meterbeheer HUB has the knowledge and experience to connect your platforms to all smart meters in the Netherlands.


Meterbeheer HUB provides an optimally secure link between the smart meters and your platform.

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